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Rhinoplasty – Dr. Andrew B. Denton

The following patient underwent rhinoplasty last year in Dr. Denton’s cosmetic surgery clinic in Vancouver. The post operative photographs of this open rhinoplasty procedure were taken one year following her surgery.

The goals of this type of rhinoplasty surgery were to: 1) remove the hump on the top of the nose and lower the nasal profile to create a gently curved and feminine contour to the dorsum (top) of the nose; 2) deproject (shorten) and rotate (move up) the tip of the nose; 3) straighten the nose when pharmacy online viewed from the front; 4) narrow the nose when viewed from the front; 5) narrow the tip and nostrils when viewed from the front.

Dr. Denton chose an open approach for this particular surgery. Surgery took approximately 2 hours and was performed using intravenous sedation for anaesthesia. The post operative course was uneventful and the patient returned to normal non-strenous activites after 1 week.

For more information on rhinoplasty surgery click the following link:

Side View - Before & After Rhinoplasty Surgery - Dr Denton

During open rhinoplasty surgery, the dorsal hump (bump on the top of the nose) was reduced and the tip was rotated and deprojected.*


Side View - Before & After Rhinoplasty Surgery - Dr Denton

Following open rhinoplasty surgery, the patient’s nose is straighter and narrower. The tip has been refined and the alar base (nostrils) have been narrowed.*