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Volbella – A New Hyaluronic Acid Derived Filler

Volbella is the newest hyaluronic acid based filler from Allergan. Other hyaluronic acid based fillers from Allergan include Juvederm, Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus and Voluma. Volbella is the first hyaluronic acid based soft tissue filler approved for use in the lips that has been shown to last up to 12 months. Up to this point, all of the patients that we have treated with Volbella have been extremely happy. Advantages pharmacy online without prescriptions over other hyaluronic acid fillers include decreased discomort during the treatment and decreased bruising following the treatment. From an injector standpoint, the product flows very smoothly allowing for excellent placement accuracy. In addition to being used in the lips, Volbella is also indicated for cheek and temple filling. All in all, a valuable new addition to the array of soft tissue fillers available to patients in Canada.

Soft Tissue Augmentation – HA Based Filler – Juvederm Ultra XC

We were using the hyaluronic acid based filler Juvederm Ultra XC to reduce the lines around the mouth in this patient. We took the photograph after the right side had been treated canadian online pharmacy (left side of the photograph) but before the left side (right side of photograph) had been treated. As you can see, the lines are dramatically softened and a subtle upturn of the lip is evident.