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Before and After Open Rhinoplasty

The following is a series of three before and after photos of an open rhinoplasty procedure completed for a patient in our Vancouver plastic surgery clinic. The “after” photos were taken one year following the open rhinoplasty plastic surgery.

The goal of the rhinoplasty was to make the nose more feminine and balanced with the other facial features. Specifically, we lowered the bridge (profile), providing a subtle curve that was designed to complement the other facial curves – note in particular the curve of the forehead.  Changes were made to the tip of the nose as well.  The angle between the nose and the lip was increased (“rotation” of the nose) and the tip of the nose was shortened (“projection” of the nose).  Following these changes, the bridge flows gently into the tip with a slight change in angulation between the bridge and the tip known as a “supratip pharmacy online no prescription break”.  On frontal view, the bridge of the nose was narrowed and the tip was refined and given more definition.  Finally, the nostrils were found to be excessively wide – one more than the other – and changes were made to narrow the base of the nose.

There is a saying in rhinoplasty surgery that “the results of a good rhinoplasty are seen in the eyes”.  The nose will no longer detract from, but rather add to, the other facial features.  Eyes become brighter, lips become fuller and a smile becomes more engaging.

right oblique view of before and after open rhinoplasty in vancouver

Right oblique view of open rhinoplasty patient*. The goal of the surgery was to refine, deproject and narrow the tip and also to feminize and refine the dorsal contour.

frontal view of before and after photos of open rhinoplasty patient

Frontal view of an open rhinoplasty patient.*

right lateral view of before and after open rhinoplasty surgery by Dr. Andrew Denton

Right lateral view of and open rhinoplasty patient.*