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Synergistic rhinoplasty with chin augmentation

Cosmetic nasal surgery – otherwise known as rhinoplasty – is the most popular procedure in my practice. Although the nose is a central feature of the face, it should not be a focal point of the face. Rather, it should lead the observers into the individual’s eyes, lips and smile. In other words, after a successfully performed rhinoplasty, the nose should actually draw less attention to itself than it did prior to the procedure. The key to this is balance among all of the facial features. When considering changes to the appearance of the nose it is critical to consider all of the other features of the face so that an optimal balance is achieved. In rhinoplasty, one of the most important related areas to consider is the chin. In this pharmacy online usa case, the patient had a prominent nose with an over projected and under rotated tip. The tip was full and asymmetric. Open rhinoplasty was performed to adjust these features. However, during the consultation, other features were recognized to be out of the balance. As a result a chin augmentation was performed concurrently. These procedures are considered synergistic – in other words they are together greater than the sum of the parts. The importance of chin augmentation combined with reduction rhinoplasty will be discussed in the next post.

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rhinoplasty with balancing chin augmentation

Left view of patient’s before and after profile*

rhinoplasty with balancing chin augmentation

Front view of patient before and after surgery*