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Fibonacci sequence is our philosophy


Described by the famous Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci in 1202, the Fibonacci sequence describes a series of numbers that grows in perfect symmetry by adding together the previous two numbers within the sequence. Fibonacci sequences are prevalent both in nature and in classic architectural design and create geometrically flawless patterns and proportions that relate to the Fibonacci Spiral.

Dr. Denton chose the nautilus shell for his logo design of his cosmetic procedure business because of its beauty and balance and because of the symbolic relationship between facial plastic surgery and the Fibonacci sequence. The shell of the nautilus – an ocean online drugstore australia dwelling cephalopod – is an example of the Fibonacci Spiral occurring in nature. Incidentally, the nautilus shell also happens to mimic the letter “D”.

Bones in the hand demonstrating fibonacci's sequence Every human has two hands, each one of these has five fingers, each finger has three parts which are separated by two knuckles. All of these numbers fit into the Fibonacci sequence.

nautilus fibonacci sequence in nature The nautilus, an ocean dwelling cephalod, with a shell design reflecting theFibonacci sequence that is the inspiration for Dr. Denton’s logo.

fibonacci's sequence in architecture Architectural drawing for the new Engineering Plaza at Cal Poly with a design based on the Fibonacci Sequence.