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Professional Non-Surgical Facelifts


Did you know that you can have a facelift without undergoing surgery?

Thousands of Vancouver residents feel they’d benefit from a facelift but didn’t know there were different types of facelifts to choose from. Apart from our state of the art surgical facelift procedures that provide you with the maximum amount of flexibility with regards to the contours of the face, Dr. Andrew Denton also offers non-surgical facelift procedures. This is a great option for those who are looking for smaller facial improvements, such as providing more fullness to lost facial volume. With our non-surgical facelift procedure, you will achieve a more youthful, replenished and rejuvenated look with a short recovery period.

Two of the most important causes of facial aging are the loss of volume – especially in the midfacial, cheek and lip areas – and the descent and sagging of tissue in the cheek and jaw areas. This causes hollows and grooves to develop under the eyes, in the middle of the cheek and in the area between the nose and the corner of the mouth. In the absence of significant skin excess and fatty deposits a non-surgical approach to these problems may be appropriate. By restoring health canadian pharmacy lost volume with soft tissue fillers such as Restylane™, Perlane™ and Juvederm™ cheeks can be lifted and hollow areas filled – the perfect application of a non-surgical facelift. The result is a less tired and fresher appearance without the down time associated with a facelift or eyelid surgery. Although the “Liquid Facelift” as this procedure has been called is not an alternative to such anti-aging surgeries as the facelift, forehead lift, brow lift and blepharoplasty, this non-surgical facelift technique is an important addition to the range of procedures aimed at rejuvenating the aging face.

As a board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Denton has extensive experience in surgical and non-surgical facelift treatments for the aging face. During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your treatment options with Dr. Denton in a confidential and unhurried setting. The most advanced computer imaging software available will be used to demonstrate the expected result following your non-surgical facelift procedure. All injections are performed by Dr. Denton. Surgical procedures are performed in Dr. Denton’s state of the art and fully accredited private operating facility in Vancouver, British Columbia.