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rhinoplasty or nose reshaping surgery


Dr. Denton – Rhinoplasty and Nose Reshaping Surgery in Vancouver

We perform all of our Rhinoplasty procedures in Vancouver, in our state-of-the-art facial plastic surgery clinic. Rhinoplasty surgery, or nose reshaping, is performed to improve the aesthetic and functional features of the nose.  The nose is a central feature of the face.  Prominent humps, crooked or excessively large noses and noses with bulbous or bulky tips can negatively affect the appearance of an otherwise attractive face. Disproportionate nasal size and abnormal nasal shape can gradually develop with age or can result from trauma at birth or later in life.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty surgery involves correcting or improving the appearance of the nose following rhinoplasty surgery.  This surgery is typically more complicated and difficult than a primary rhinoplasty due to the presence of scar tissue and, usually, the fact that excessive resection of cartilage and other structural elements within the nose has occurred.

Why You Should Consider Rhinoplasty

Through our office in Vancouver, rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) effectively, predictably and safely corrects the appearance of the nose. Following rhinoplasty, the desired result is a natural appearance with the nose being in balance with the other facial features. In addition to cosmetic considerations, obstruction of the nasal passages can result from structural abnormalities both on the outside and on the inside of the nose. This can lead to multiple problems including decreased exercise tolerance and sense of smell, poor sleep, noisy breathing and chronic bad breath (so-called “functional” problems).  Certain functional problems are treatable during rhinoplasty surgery but this is evaluated on a case by case basis. For a general overview regarding this procedure, please read our blog post on the basic facts about rhinoplasty.

Before and After Rhinoplasty Photos

Below are some before and after photos of rhinoplasty procedures performed by Dr. Denton.  All surgery is performed in our Vancouver Facial Plastic Surgery Centre, located on West Broadway, adjacent to Vancouver General Hospital.

Why Choose Dr. Denton for Your Rhinoplasty

As a board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Denton has extensive experience and expertise in rhinoplasty surgery. During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your treatment options with Dr. Denton in a confidential and unhurried setting. Computer imaging will be performed to demonstrate to you the expected result following your rhinoplasty procedure. Surgery is performed in Dr. Denton’s fully accredited private operating facility for rhinoplasty in Vancouver, British Columbia or at the Surgical Day Care Center of Vancouver General Hospital.

Learn more about Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgeries are divided into “open” and “closed” techniques. During a closed procedure, all incisions are made on the inside of the nose. During an open procedure, an incision is made in the skin between the nostrils. Severely twisted noses and noses that have been previously operated on may require open techniques. Most other cosmetic problems are best treated with a closed rhinoplasty.

Virtually any cosmetic or functional nasal problem is correctable with modern rhinoplasty techniques.

On the night before your surgery, we ask that you not have anything to eat or drink (including coffee, tea and juice) after 12:00 am. This allows your stomach to empty thereby minimizing any postoperative nausea.

Two weeks prior to your surgery, all blood thinning medications and supplements (e.g. aspirin, ibuprofen, ginko, ginseng and vitamin E) must be stopped. This reduces the amount of swelling experienced postoperatively. A prescription for antibiotics and pain medication will be provided.

A simple blood test to measure your hemoglobin level is performed prior to surgery and, if you are over 50 years of age, a cardiogram is required for your safety.

Most procedures are performed in our fully accredited operating facility under twilight anesthesia. After drugstore online surgery, patients are taken to our specially equipped recovery area. Once recovered all patients proceed home in the company of a responsible adult or to an aftercare facility. Occasionally, general anesthesia may be required if extensive surgery is planned for the inside of the nose (the septum). If this is the case, surgery will be scheduled at Vancouver General Hospital.

A small plastic cast is placed on the nose immediately following surgery to protect the nose and to maintain alignment during the initial healing period. This is removed after 1 week. Any material placed in the nose following surgery is painlessly removed either in the recovery area or in the office on the following day. All stitches placed inside the nose dissolve on their own. Skin stitches placed during an open rhinoplasty are removed in 5 to 7 days.

Following surgery, you should stay in bed with the back and head elevated for the first 24 hours. You may get up to eat and to use the bathroom but, at this stage, rest will help most to speed recovery. Cold compresses should be placed across the forehead during the first 48 hours to help reduce bruising and swelling.

Most patients are permitted to shower and gently wash their hair 3 days after surgery. Care should be taken not to wet the cast while bathing.

Bending, heavy lifting and straining are prohibited during the first 48 hours. Light non-cardiac exercise can be resumed 2 weeks following surgery and slowly increased over the ensuing seven days.

Swelling and bruising around the eyes are common following surgery. This resolves spontaneously during the first several days. Severe pain following rhinoplasty is unusual, however, pain medication will be supplied and should be taken if necessary.

Most patients are able to return to work 7 to 10 days following their surgery.

Following your consultation, a quote is provided which is guaranteed for one year. Our quotes include all costs: pre-operative tests, anesthesia, facility charges, the services of our staff, and applicable taxes. You are encouraged to make cost comparisons. In comparing, be sure you determine the total of all costs related to the surgery.

A deposit is required at the time the surgery is scheduled in order to hold a specific date for you. The balance is due two weeks prior to your surgery. For your convenience, we accept MasterCard, VISA and debit cards.

We have arranged a financing plan for our patients with an outside financial institution. Ask our patient care coordinators for details about how to qualify.

Occasionally, provincial health care plans and insurance companies will pay for this procedure in cases where the nose is blocked or if the nose was injured during an accident. If this is a consideration, approval is required from these organizations prior to surgery.

Soft tissue fillers such as Restylane™, Perlane™ and Juvederm™ can sometimes camouflage small nasal defects. If a small chin is present, a chin implant can be used to balance a large nose.