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Our Offices and Staff

All patient visits to our non-hospital cosmetic and facial plastic surgery clinic for surgical and non-surgical facial cosmetic procedures – from initial consultation through surgery and post-operative follow up – take place in our private offices and outpatient surgical facility located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our cosmetic procedure Patient Care Coordinators and Nursing Staff are superbly trained and highly experienced. In our facial plastic surgery clinic, our front office staff is available to answer questions about your cosmetic procedure, book appointments, schedule surgery and to generally make your experience with us a positive one. Every member of our medical team is dedicated to making your cosmetic treatment a comfortable, convenient and professional experience.

Our Accredited Surgical Suite

Our surgical suite is accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia. It was designed and built in 2007 to meet or exceed hospital standards. We are proud to be the first new Non-Hospital Surgical Facility in British Columbia ever to receive a three-year accreditation by the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Our mission is to provide our patients with leading-edge surgical and non-surgical facial cosmetic treatments in a comfortable, private and professional setting.

Level of Anesthesia

The level of anesthesia required during surgery will vary with the needs of each patient. This also depends on the type of surgical or laser procedure being performed. Some facial cosmetic procedures are suitable for local anesthesia only. However, the most common anesthesia technique employed in our surgical suite is twilight anesthesia (intravenous sedation). We feel this type of anesthesia provides the best combination of safety and reduced postoperative swelling and bruising. During twilight anesthesia, the patient is completely asleep, experiences no discomfort and has no negative recollection of the procedure.

Surgery & Post-Operative Procedures

During your plastic surgery, two registered nurses with advanced operating room experience are present in the operating room. Following your cosmetic surgery, you remain in our fully equipped post-operative care area with one-on-one nursing care until anesthesia recovery is complete. Patients are then allowed to proceed home while accompanied by a responsible adult. Aftercare facilities are available and a hotel, accustomed to surgical patients as guests, is located across the street from our facility.

Our Eco-Friendly Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic

To minimize the environmental footprint of our facility, all our patient records are now stored on a secure server which has eliminated the need for paper charts. In addition, low VOC and eco-friendly products were used wherever possible during the construction of our Vancouver facial plastic surgery clinic.